Your probiotic breakfast drink is full of electrolytes to rehydrate after pushing toxins out of your body overnight. It will replenish and fill your body with essential vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats to recharge your body for the day.

During The Day

You can mix and match the rest of your juices throughout the day.

Your juices have been designed to help you:

Bed Time

The midnight detox is your bedtime ritual. It is an activated charcoal citrus drink that will push toxins out as you sleep.


Make sure to drink plenty of water during your cleanse. Even though you are drinking lots of juice, it is especially important to drink lots of water to hydrate as you push toxins out of your body. Caffeinated drinks are not recommended while cleansing as caffeine is dehydrating. Herbal teas are fine.

Eating During Your Cleanse

You may eat raw fruits, raw vegetables and raw nuts during your cleanse if you feel hungry or lightheaded.

Exercising During Your Cleanse

Strenuous exercise is NOT recommended! You are doing a hard reset of your body and should focus on that, allowing your body to use its energy to focus on the cleansing process.

After Your Cleanse

It is recommended to eat light after your cleanse to help your system readjust to solid foods. Try eating plant-based foods and incorporating more fruits and veggies into your daily routine.

Cleansing is not recommended for individuals who are or may be pregnant, nursing, taking certain medications, diabetic. Always check with your healthcare provider before cleansing if you are uncertain if it is right for you.